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CNC Machining

CNC Machining - Milling, Drilling, Turning & Tapping. We do it All!

EZLEE has 12 years of knowledge and experience in CNC machining area. CNC Machining is a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control machine tools.

We have the technician team, with ability to assist designing to choose proper technical and control the cost reasonable. Making the prototype, testing and finally manufacturing easily and quickly.

There are many benefits to the CNC Machining process, which include:


CNC Machining is able to take a process that would normally require multiple steps, and tackle the project in one step. Less time = more money!

Cost savings:

The CNC Machining process greatly reduces waste that would normally be an inherent part of the machining process. This minimizes loss and increases overall profits!


CNC Machining is the most efficient means of creating a machined part due to the fact that our machines feature internal quality assurance detectors. As soon as an error is detected in a product, the operation is immediately stopped to prevent any waste of material.

CNC Turning
CNC Turning is a machining operation that produces cylindrical parts. In its basic form, it can be defined as the machining of an external surface.

Our lathes and multiple-spindle screw machines offer a range of machining processes that are able to take your machining project from a few parts to a few hundred thousand parts per year.

CNC Milling
CNC Milling or manual Milling is a machining process for machining prismatic parts.A milling cutter with a rotating cylindrical cutter head and multiple chip slots is commonly referred to as an end milling cutter or an end milling cutter.The machine for milling is called a milling machine, numerical control milling machine is usually an exponential control machining center.The milling process includes manual milling and numerical control milling.
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