Car Rear Hitch Mount 4 Bicycle Rack

Car Rear Hitch Mount 4 Bicycle Rack: Transport all types of bikes with 4 Hitch Bike Rack hitch rack. Its innovative design adjusts to fit most bikes and sizes, including kids’ and even some recumbents, thanks to the adjustability of its center upright supports. It uses quick-adjust trays and ratcheting straps to secure four bikes of up to 35 pounds each, and loading is made easy by the low tray height. The center upright supports even tilt down to allow trunk access. With an integrated lock and arms that ratchet into place to simplify loading and unloading, to protect your bikes as much as you love to ride them.

Product Description

Car Rear Hitch Mount 4 Bicycle Rack
Model: EZ-BC210510
Price: $33/500pcs   $32/1000pcs
Material: Steel
Finish: Black Powder Coating
U pipe size: 24.4″(62cm)
Height: 35.4″(90cm)
N.W: 21.31lbs(9.65kgs)
G.W: 23lbs(10.49kgs)
Package size: 26.5″*13.7″*3.5″(67.3*34.8*8.9cm)


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