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Wheel Chair Ramp

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Patients in wheelchairs often make trouble, what should I do if I go down the stairs? However, according to the development of technology, wheelchair ramps have been used in many areas. But wheelchair ramps also have many requirements.

1. Wheelchair ramps should be designed to be linear, right-angled, or folded back;

2. The net width of the wheelchair ramp should not be less than 1. 00m, and the net width of the wheelchair ramp for barrier-free access should not be less than 1. 20m;

3. When the height of the wheelchair ramp exceeds 300mm and the gradient is greater than 1:20, handrails should be provided on both sides, the handrails of the ramp and the rest platform should be coherent, and the handrails should meet the specifications;

Wheelchair ramp

4. The slope of the wheelchair ramp should be flat, non-slip, and non-reflective;

5. The horizontal length of the wheelchair ramp starting point, end point, and intermediate rest platform should not be less than 1.50m;

6. Safety blocking measures should be set on the side of the wheelchair ramp;

7. Wheelchair ramps should be provided with barrier-free signs.

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