ATV Motorcycle Loading Ramp

This ATV motorcycle loading ramp is built to last with its heavy-duty steel construction. It can support a significant amount of weight, making it suitable for a variety of off-road vehicles, including motorcycles and ATVs. Its sturdy design ensures that it will remain stable during loading and unloading, providing a safe and secure surface for your equipment.

Product Description

Portable and Versatile:

This loading ramp is designed for convenience, with its foldable feature allowing for easy storage and transport. You can easily take it with you on your outdoor adventures and use it whenever you need to load or unload your equipment. The ramp’s versatility allows it to be used on a variety of terrains, from flat surfaces to uneven ground.

Safe and Easy to Use:

Your safety and the safety of your equipment are top priorities when using this ATV motorcycle loading ramp. The ramp’s arched design provides extra clearance for your equipment, reducing the risk of bottoming out during loading and unloading. The ramp’s surface is textured, providing extra traction to prevent slipping, and the included safety straps help secure the ramp to your vehicle.


Material Aluminum
Working size 6ft
Bearing KGS 340KGS
Bearing LBS 750LBS
Single net weight (KG) 5.5KG
Gross weight 6.1
Unfolding size (cm) 180 * 28 * 3.8
Carton size 95 * 31.5 * 17
Number of containers 20GP (26m3)  571
Number of containers 40GP (56m3) 1229


1. These ATV ramps are available in 8 different colors.
2. They are easy to identify, to carry and
3. They have a high carrying capacity (340kgs/750lbs).

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