Hitch Mounted Bike Rack for 4 Bikes

Material: Steel
Finish: Black Powder Coating
Upipe size: 24.4”(62cm)
Height: 35.4”(90cm)
N.W: 21.31bs(9.65kgs)
G.W: 23bs(10.49kgs)
Package size: 26.5″X13.7″×3.5″(67.3×34.8×8.9cm)

Product Description

The Hitch Mounted Bike Rack for 4 Bikes is an excellent choice for transporting multiple bikes safely and securely on the back of your vehicle. It is designed to fit onto the hitch of your car, making it easy to install and use for any outdoor adventure. The hitch-mounted design ensures that your bikes are held firmly in place during transport, with minimal risk of damage or wobbling.

The bike rack is incredibly user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive mounting system that allows you to attach it to your vehicle’s hitch in just a few minutes. It also has an easy-to-use tilting feature that allows you to access the trunk or rear hatch of your vehicle without having to remove the bikes.

One of the best features of this bike rack is its versatility. It can accommodate a wide range of bike types and sizes, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and even electric bikes. The adjustable wheel trays and frame hooks allow you to customize the fit to your specific bike, ensuring a secure and stable ride.

Advantages :

1. STABLE & SECURE: Adopts two arms design for wider support width to avoid displacement.

2. DOUBLE REINFORCEMENT: Double soft adjustable soft strap to fit your bike perfectly.

3. STRONG AND DURABLE: Surface spray treatment process for anti-rust and scratch protection.

4. CONVENIENT AND EASY: latch style to assemble and install.

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