Aluminum Pressure Casting

Experience the unparalleled strength and versatility of aluminum pressure casting with our cutting-edge solution. Aluminum, known for its lightweight properties and exceptional durability, takes center stage in our pressure casting process. This technology unlocks the potential of aluminum, enabling you to create complex components, intricate designs, and high-performance parts for a wide range of applications. Step into the world of aluminum pressure casting and elevate your manufacturing capabilities to new heights.

Product Description

Aluminum pressure casting is a metal-forming process that allows for the creation of complex aluminum parts. Ingots of aluminum alloy are heated to very high temperatures until they are entirely molten. The liquid aluminum is injected under high pressure into the cavity of a steel die, also known as a mold – you can see an example of a mold for automotive parts above. The die is made up of two halves, and after the molten aluminum has solidified, they are separated to reveal the cast aluminum part.

EZLEE places an emphasis on understanding the specifications and customer quality requirements, and established a whole process quality control system, which is certified to ISO9001:2015, to cover the critical quality control on site, including the raw material, initial samples, process dimensions, mechanical character, surface treatment, packing and delivery.


  • Produce very complex shapes that neither extrusion nor machining can effectively create
  • The ability to have textured or smooth surfaces
  • The capacity to accommodate both large and small parts


Process Aluminum Pressure Casting
Weight High
Melting point High
Thermal conductivity Low
Corrosion resistance Low
Tooling life Low tool longevity
Surface finishing High
Applications Aerospace, house appliance, medical, automotive

Lawnmower parts

Power tools

Automotive components

Cycle time High
Costs Low

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