Aluminum Arched Motorcycle Loading Ramp Foldable Panel

Material 6005-T5
Working size 7.5ft
Bearing KGS 340KGS
Bearing LBS 750LBS
Single net weight (KG) 7/piece / 14/piece
Gross weight 8.2/ 15.4
Unfolding size (cm) 226×28 (89 “x11”)/piece
Number of containers 20GP (26m3) 232
Container quantity 40GP (56m3) 499
Packaging method Add cardboard at both ends
Surface treatment Clean, Red sheath (galvanized single hook red tension band)
750LBS warning language sticker (as per sample)
Packing One A4 manual for each bo

Product Description

The Aluminum Arched Motorcycle Loading Ramp is an excellent accessory for anyone who wants to load their motorcycle onto a trailer or truck bed with ease. Made from high-quality aluminum, this loading ramp is both lightweight and durable, making it perfect for outdoor use. The ramp features an arched design, which allows for a smooth and gradual incline when loading your motorcycle. This makes it easy to safely load your bike without the risk of tipping or sliding. The ramp can hold up to 750 pounds, making it suitable for a wide range of motorcycle types and sizes.

One of the best features of this loading ramp is its foldable design. The ramp can be quickly and easily folded down into a compact size for storage or transportation. This makes it convenient to take with you on the road, whether you’re heading to a race or going on a long-distance motorcycle trip. The loading ramp also features a non-slip surface, which provides excellent traction for your motorcycle tires. This ensures that your bike stays secure during loading and unloading, reducing the risk of accidents or damage.


1.Folding aluminum ramp (panel shape): The small hole design of 340KGS aluminum plate can increase the friction with the tire and reduce the dead weight of aluminum ladder.

2.Two sets can be used at the same time to push the motorcycle onto the vehicle

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