High Pressure Casting

Our high pressure cast components offer unparalleled versatility, making them suitable for a wide range of applications across industries. Whether it’s automotive, aerospace, electronics, or consumer goods, our components find their place in diverse sectors. From intricate engine components to precise housings and structural parts, our high pressure casting solution caters to your specific needs, unleashing endless possibilities for your manufacturing projects.

Product Description

High pressure casting is a manufacturing process where molten metal is pushed with a piston into a sealed cavity at high pressure and high speed. The mold is held tight using compression until the metal cools down and solidifies. This process can be used to create anything from a simple heavy-duty fastener to an engine block. The die casting process can turn molten metal into a solid part in mere seconds.

EZLEE places an emphasis on understanding the specifications and customer quality requirements, and established a whole process quality control system, which is certified to ISO9001:2008, to cover the critical quality control on site, including the raw material, initial samples, process dimensions, mechanical character, surface treatment, packing and delivery.


There are two separate systems that can be used to manufacture an object using high pressure casting:

  • Hot chamber systems
  • Cold chamber systems


High pressure casting has some enormous advantages over other forms of die casting. First, the production time is quicker, as other forms of die casting rely on gravity and not PSI to push the molten metal into the mold.
The object that is cast has a good finish when coming out of the mold. And the molds are extremely durable, reducing the unit cost of your object since new molds rarely need to be made.
High-pressure die casting is a common production method used in the manufacturing of metal components. It offers a broader range of designs than other metal manufacturing processes and can create complex, intricate shapes.

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